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Level 3 – Week 1

  • What is comedy?
    • Subverting expectations
    • Benign Violation
      • A joke is an unexpected occurrence that is not malignant.
      • A “joke” that is racist or misogynist isn’t actually a joke because it is not a benign violation
    • There are 11 kinds of humor
      • Irony
      • Characters
      • Referential
      • Shock
      • Hyperbole
      • Parody
      • Word Play
      • Analogy
      • Mad cat (slapstick)
      • Meta
      • Misplaced Focus
  • Scenes!
    • There are 5 things that all art is derived from – pull from your personal experiences!
      • Society
      • Politics
      • Religion
      • Mortality
      • Sexuality
    • When in a scene, look for these 3 clues:
      • what is the scene about?
      • what is the game?
      • what makes it funny?
    • There are 5 different kinds of scenes:
      • Bizarre / Normal
      • Peas in a pod
      • Alternate Reality
      • Real Scenes
      • Juxtaposition
    • What is Game?
      • An expression of a comedic point of view
  • The Harold:
    • The Structure of the Harold:
      • The Opening
      • Beat 1
        • Scene A
        • Scene B
        • Scene C
      • Group Game 1
      • Beat 2
        • Scene A
        • Scene B
        • Scene C
      • Group Game 2
      • Beat 3

Week 1 Recap – Lupe

Hi Level 3,

Below you will find our class notes for week 1:

Charlie’s Hard Opinions: Improv can be anything. Don’t tell me what improv isn’t, tell me what it is.

Comedic Scenes:

  1. Person – One person is usual
  2. People- Both people are unusual or peas-in-a-pod
  3. Place – The place is unusual

Benign Violation: Violating a world view in a way that is not harmful.

Every piece of art that has ever been made deals with






11 types of humor

  • Irony
  • Character
  • Referential
  • Shock
  • Hyperbole
  • Parody
  • Wordplay
  • Analogous
  • Madcap
  • Meta
  • Misplaced Focus

“It’s not about getting out of your head. It’s about getting your head into your body.”

A herald starts with an opening.

(3rd Beat)

Group Game 2 [Not related to group game1]

2A, 2B, 2C [Second scenes, second beats]

Group Game 1

1A, 1B, 1C [First scenes, first beats]

Opening [Usually a monologue]

  • Follow the funny idea not the plot.
  • Singing usually happens because it’s part of your character or in an alternate where everyone sings.
  • Give call-backs sometime.

Memorable Quotes:

“I don’t think you are paying as much attention as you think you are.”

“Ash has a lot of vitamin D in it.”

“I was hoping one of us wouldn’t be nervous.”

“You only turn 69 once.”- Happy birthday!

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