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Week 4 Copy

  • More harold openings!
    • This week we worked on the invocation opening
  • The Invocation
    • Easily the crunchiest, headiest, and most organic opening we’ve done so far.
    • What is it?
      • Think of the opening as a spell we’re invoking to summon the personification of our suggestion.
      • The four stages of the opening:
        1. It is… (objective truth about the object)
        2. You are… (subjective truth. Friendly/Personal)
        3. Thou art… (reverent)
        4. I am… (fully invoked)
      • Ex suggestion: Cheese
        1. It is gooey + stringy. It is melty + calcium fed. It is yellow + sometimes a liquid.
        2. You are the glue in my grilled cheese. You are the friend to my burger.
        3. Thou art the juice of the bovine. Thou art the nectar of the sacred cow. Thou art the high reward of bacteria.
        4. I am CHEESE

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