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Brittany Taylor

Improv Instructor, Adults and Young Performers

Brittany has been performing at DCC since 2022, where she was DELIGHTED to find such an amazing comedic community. Her biggest claim to fame is her reality TV role on Encore on Disney+. Her favorite menu items are Diet Coke & Rum and the Sweet Chili Wings. After the show, buy her anything off the menu, and she will shamelessly and enthusiastically accept… Thanks in advance.
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Chris Hansen

Director of Improv Club Teams, Improv Instructor

Chris has been an avid member of the Dallas comedy community since 2017. He has been on multiple house teams and takes great pleasure in coaching and teaching others the craft of comedy. When not performing, you might find Chris singing karaoke at a local dive bar, playing a fun board game that you’ve never heard of, or drinking a Diet Coke at the bar.

Dane Robertson

Improv Instructor

After a mildly successful high school speech and debate career and bombing out of the Tampa open mic scene, Dane’s comedy redemption arc began with improv in 2016. Since then, he’s graced the stage with construction-themed slam poetry, Ace Ventura impressions, and a 17th place finish in a national pun contest. A regular host of Primetime Improv, Dane uses his warm and calming presence to charm people into sharing their deepest secrets in a room full of strangers. Otherwise, you can find him producing the improvised slideshow show People Presenting Things or drinking water on the patio couch.

Daniel Sybert

Sketch Instructor, Coach


Drew Walton

Improv Instructor

emily grefer

Emily Grefer

Stand-Up Instructor

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Ian Caruth

Improv Instructor, Founder

Ian Caruth was born and raised in Dallas. He began performing onstage with the nation’s longest continually-operating college sketch group, the University of Arizona’s Comedy Corner. Ian went on to learn longform improv in New York City at the Magnet and UCB Theaters, performing with The Future, Moxie, Dunk, and many other groups. He has performed and taught at workshops, festivals, universities, schools, and theaters in the US and internationally, and once played a piece of ham in a vending machine. He is way stoked to continue the tradition of theatermaking in Dallas with the Dallas Comedy Club (DCC).
Jack Ritchey

Jack Ritchey

Improv Instructor

Lauren O

Lauren Oxford

Improv Instructor, Adults and Young Performers

Lauren is a Dallas native whose improv journey began in the year [redacted] as a high school senior. She is a graduate of the Dallas Comedy House and Stomping Ground Comedy long-form improv programs and has a degree in Theatre from the University of Puget Sound. When she’s not teaching or performing improv, Lauren trains clients with Beefcake City, an inclusive virtual fitness space.
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Madeline Crank

Improv Instructor, Adults and Young Performers

magen king

Magen King

Director of Stand-Up

It all started at an audition for a movie that never saw the light of day, but what shone brightly was Magen King's natural comedic flair. It was there she made Kevin Hart – yes, comedy giant Kevin Hart– laugh uproariously. His advice to her was simple yet life-changing: dive into stand-up comedy. Magen took these words to heart, and the rest is history.

Today, Magen King is not just a comedian; she is a force in the comedy world. An award-winning radio host turned stand-up sensation; her journey has been nothing short of remarkable. She has shared stages with comedy stars like Drew Lynch, Andrew Dice Clay, Shawn Wayans, and Mark Curry. Her tours have included collaborations with Tim Meadows, Mitch Fatel, and Nick Griffin, showcasing her versatility and appeal.

Magen's dedication to her craft began in her teens, leading her to hone her skills under the tutelage of esteemed institutions like Upright Citizens Brigade, and local DFW comedy mentor, Dean Lewis. Her commitment to comedy is also reflected in her role as the Director of Stand-up at Dallas Comedy Club, where she developed a comprehensive three-level Stand-Up curriculum focused on developing comics' performance and business aptitude. Her expertise and mentorship are in high demand, with her classes consistently selling out.

Her presence has graced television on the CW and at numerous esteemed comedy clubs, including The Hollywood Laugh Factory, Burbank’s Flappers, Addison Improv, and Denver’s Comedy Works. In her hometown of Dallas, she is a celebrated local headliner, captivating audiences at Addison Improv, Dallas Comedy Club, Slapstixs, Comics Live, The Grove, and The Loony Bin.

Magen's accolades are a testament to her comedic prowess. She was a finalist in the World Series of Comedy and a finalist for three consecutive years in the Funniest Comic in Texas. Her talent was further recognized when she was voted Best in Fest at the Burbank Comedy Festival in 2021.

On stage, Magen transforms the challenges of single parenthood into a wellspring of laughter. She contrasts raising three teenagers in today's world with her own experiences as a 90’s latchkey kid, offering insightful, relatable, and downright hysterical commentary. Her self-deprecating humor, approachability, and undeniable wit make her performances unforgettable.

Magen King is more than a comedian; she is a storyteller who finds humor in life's twists and turns, making every show a memorable experience for her audience.

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Richie Lunsford

Improv Instructor, Adults and Young Performers

Richie Lunsford is a Fort Worth based comedian, Improvisor, and an instructor at Dallas Comedy Club. He is a graduate of the Four Day Weekend Training Center, and Stomping Grounds Conservatory programs and opened the Four Day Weekend Dallas theater as the Theater Director and Main Stage Cast member. He has trained with notable teachers including Norm Holly (Second City), Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall), and Adal Rifai (Hello, from the Magic Tavern). Richie creates sketches for both live performance and YouTube, with the group L. Society. He also performs stand-up all over the metroplex, and writes for comedians in San Francisco and New York. He is currently a member of Primetime and teaches various classes at DCC.
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Rosie Caruth

Sketch Instructor, Founder

Rosie Caruth grew up in the Denmark-themed tourist town of Solvang, California, where she raised goats and turkeys until she saw an episode of MADtv and became obsessed with sketch comedy. She began performing improv with San Diego State University’s Iota Eta Pi her freshman year, and has never stopped. She moved to New York City after college to work for horrible bosses in fashion PR and study improv at the UCB and Magnet Theaters — where met her husband, Ian. Rosie subsequently studied at the Dallas Comedy House, the PIT NYC, The Second City, and the Pack Theater, and is probably the country’s leading expert in Zoom comedy classes.

Stefan Newman

Improv Instructor, Adults and Young Performers

It’s Stefan! By day, he works at a boring tech job doing data and analytics stuff that everyone immediately forgets about as soon as he explains it to them. By night, he is an improviser and comedian who produces shows and performs all over town. He started improvising in 2018 at the Dallas Comedy House and is currently a regular performer at the Dallas Comedy Club, where he produces the variety show Queer Factor and performs with the improv troupe Butt Gay.
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Claire Daigle

Director of Education

Claire moved to Dallas in 2013 to study Dance Performance at Southern Methodist University. She also suffered an injury in 2013 which forced her to spend time working in technical theater and arts administration. Claire completed DCC's Stand-Up Program in the club's first cohort of students, and they haven't been able to get rid of her since. She is delighted to be able to use her niche skillset to help expand the comedy community at DCC and in DFW at large. She manages the Dallas Comedy Club Training Center and serves as an advisor for DCC's Sketch and Improv Club Teams. When not at the club, Claire spends as much time with her dogs as possible. At the club, Claire still spends way too much time talking about her dogs.