What is the weekly time commitment?

Each intern will have a different time commitment depending on which type of job you’ll be doing within the theater, but overall, interns should expect to commit to at least one shift per week for eight consecutive weeks in order to maintain their internship.

Do you offer any supplementary educational opportunities to your interns?

Every individual who has completed an internship will be awarded either a 6 or 8 week class of the intern’s choice, as long as the chosen course is not already sold out. Interns must complete their internship requirements before being allowed to enroll in a class. Class enrollment will need to get final approvals from the Intern Coordinator (Rosie Caruth) and the Director of Education (Kimberly Alu).

Do you offer monetary, housing, and/or travel compensation?

At this time, DCC is unable to offer monetary, housing, and/or travel compensation.

When should I apply for an internship?

Anytime! DCC is always accepting applications for internships in all categories.


Do I need to have previous experience to apply?

Not at all! It certainly helps to have some experience in the particular internship you’re applying for, but it is not required. We’re here to give you the tools to be successful in whatever it is you’re interested in learning, so don’t be shy! Apply for whatever internship interests you most!

Are there opportunities for advancement within the organization?

We do not guarantee employment at the organization following an internship. We want to curate a community of growth within our theater. Individuals who intern with us will always have an opportunity to continue their education and their advancement should they continue to seek it, though it can not be guaranteed.

What type of office environment is it?

The office, or rather the theater, is a business casual, creative environment. We encourage interns to join our community with a sense of joy, enthusiasm, and authenticity that they’d bring to a new group of friends. We accept all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, race, or gender identity, and we understand that there is never a ‘one size fits all’ that can cover the needs and expectations of any individual who decides to intern with us. We pride ourselves on having an open door policy and we want nothing more than to establish an environment where our staff and community feel completely safe. We encourage interns to speak with the administration should there ever be a moment they feel unsafe or unsupported while working.