Market Your Shows at DCC!


Being funny is only the first step towards being a successful comedian! Raising awareness of your performances is the only way to make sure you have a good crowd to perform for. Successful show runners know that the best way to get their shows renewed is to spend plenty of time on their show marketing campaign.

Here are some tips and suggestions from the Dallas Comedy Club team!

Tools At Your Fingertips!


Dallas Comedy Club’s main Instagram feed has over 8,000 followers at your disposal. Here’s how to get your show info posted on the main feed:

  1. Create a high quality post on your account. Use a nice graphic, and make sure your caption is thorough and grammatically correct.
  2. Before you post, use the collaboration feature to invite DCC to post the content to our main feed.
  3. Share the post. If it’s appropriate, we will accept your invitation to collaborate!


The Dallas comedy scene still gets traction from Facebook Events! Spend extra time making custom header photos, proofreading copy, and inviting everyone you know!

Joining and posting in Facebook groups can be another great way to share your shows. Comedy groups easily become saturated with show promotion, but there are many groups focused on things to do in the DFW area. If your show has a specific gimmick you may even find some special interest groups to share in!


Shows need good marketing images, and Canva is just one tool out there to help you make your own. You can use this service to make different sizes and orientations of your promo images. Its AI capabilities make it a more accessible, although less thorough, alternative to Photoshop.

Heads up, always check the website for comparison images. Create your graphic with the same proportions as other show postings when possible, but get as creative as you want with the design!

Go The Extra Mile!


If you bring them we will hang them! Dallas Comedy Club is happy to hang posters for any show taking place at our club. We just need you to provide them!

Many office supply and printing stores can do a great job for a good price.

If you’re getting posters made you can drop a stack off at DCC, but be sure to share them other places around town too!


DFW has a multitude of arts and culture publications with event calendars! Here are just a few suggestions.

This is just a start! We encourage you to find more!