Dallas Comedy Club is thrilled to offer an internship program for individuals who are looking to get more involved in our community in a fun, exciting, and supportive environment. Our internships offer opportunities for students to earn free tuition for one 6 or 8-week class in exchange for work done in the theater, Training Center, or during special events. We give strong preference to current DCC students who have completed Level 1 in any of our programs and have been recommended by a DCC instructor, but don’t let that stop you from applying! Even if you haven’t completed a Level 1 class, we still want to hear from you! Those with a passion for people, production, and all things comedy are encouraged to apply. We will teach you everything you need to know!

Dallas Comedy Club is currently looking to fill the following intern positions:


In addition to being some of the first front-of-house individuals our audience will interact with, our Club Interns are essential to the success of our theater. Club Intern duties vary by need and include (but are not limited to) managing the box office, directing patrons throughout the venue, clearing the theater between shows, closing up the theater, and more. Club Interns should have a true passion for people with a strong desire to help those who may be visiting the club for the first time (or even the hundredth time). Additionally, Club Interns will work hand in hand with the House Manager to ensure the theater is clean, patrons are happy, and the night runs as smoothly as possible. APPLY HERE!


The ideal administrative intern candidate has daytime availability, as this internship will provide an opportunity for hands-on assistance in the DCC office. Working closely with DCC staff, Admin Interns will help with office and administrative duties, various theater projects, and the occasional light errand. Please note: this position may require physical labor, such as climbing ladders or lifting boxes and equipment. APPLY HERE!


Marketing & Social Media Interns play an important role in educating the public about upcoming shows, specials events, and other exciting Dallas Comedy Club news. It is imperative for the public to be kept well informed of the different shows and classes we offer, but even more so, that they feel they are a part of our community. Our social media accounts aren’t just a spot for advertising our curriculum or programming, instead, it’s a place for the Dallas comedy community to come together for bits, videos, even inside jokes. M/SM Interns will assist the DCC Staff & Marketing Team with a variety of marketing-related tasks, including (but not limited to) internal and external outreach, content creation/curation for all DCC social media accounts, and help with customer correspondence on our social media accounts. APPLY HERE!


Another essential member of the DCC team is the Photography Intern, who helps take photos and/or videos of Dallas Comedy Club people and activities (shows, talent, events, etc.) to be featured on our social media posts, website, and beyond! Photography Interns should already have a camera and a desire to expand and utilize their talents in a new way. DCC’s Photography Intern is expected to attend 5-8 (depending on need) assigned photoshoots and produce high-quality, professionally edited photos. APPLY HERE!


Programming Internships offer a unique opportunity for those interested in contributing to the success of the theater and all scheduled programming. Programming Intern duties include (but are not limited to) providing support and assistance to showrunners and cast members, archiving and distributing props and costumes, and directly helping the Artistic Director and Programming Team with any and all show-related needs. Want to see how things run behind the scenes? This is your chance to explore the wild world of show production! APPLY HERE!

Please Note: Dallas Comedy Club Interns are DCC ambassadors, and therefore expected to maintain professionalism at all times. Should any intern be removed from their duties due to a breach in code of conduct or a failure to meet expectations, they will be responsible for paying the remainder of their tuition.