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Week 1 (Wed 2/16/22)Nick Cutelli’s Super Legit Joke-Writing Spectrum: In the middle of the spectrum, you have the 99% (the “regular side” of comedy). On the ends of the spectrum, you have the 1% side of comedy (do the opposite of what society tells/ expects us to do) and the 101% side of comedy (the over-the-top side). Take your unique point of view and apply it to the 1% or 101% side of the spectrum.
Writing tips:1. If you didn’t experience it, don’t write about it. Latch on to your personal experiences.2. If the joke is relatable, people will love it!3. BE HONEST. Don’t try so hard to be funny. Your genuine voice/ perspective is what’s funny.
Three types of jokes (all start with a story):1. Beat 1-2-32. Game3. One-liner: “Thing is like punchline.” Remember the “is like” represents personal experience. Add details and uniqueness.
Your grad show (Save the date! Sat 3/26 @ 2PM!) will include intro, compliment, one-liners, game, and Beat 1-2-3. Audiences love variety!
Story Condense Exercise:Try to shorten a story to 1-2 sentences max. Think of it as a bullion cube.
Instinct Exercise:Use a prompt machine or word generator to challenge yourself to practice quick thinking and idea generation.
Week 1 Homework: Write, write, write! Focus on texture and details. For next week’s mini show, prepare 5-8 one-liners using the tools we learned in class. 
Recommended Examples: Pete Holmes, Sebastian Maniscalco, Jim Gaffigan, Demetri Martin
Submit for Open Mics! DCC hosts two traditional mics each week: Sundays at 5PM and Wednesdays at 7:30PM. Come watch or participate! Both mic lists are created using a lottery system. To submit, visit and scroll to the bottom to see the Open Mic submission links. Remember to drop Nick’s name (or mention you’re a DCC student) to increase your chances of getting on the list!
Recommended Shows: Use those Student IDs for free show tickets! 

See y’all next Wednesday!

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