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Week 2 Copy

Openings: More on deconstructing monologues and second beats

  • This week we practiced opening The Harold with monologues.
    • We did the same exercise we did last week where we circled around a person giving a monologue.
  • We’ve already done this (obviously!), but this time we put a lot of work into pulling from monologues and discussing some scene ideas
  • The big take away is to front load your scenes so you can get that funny idea right out so the team can play with it.

Listen and respond!

  • We did a few more listening exercises in class this week.
  • 1st exercise – responding to a mundane, but specific, line:
    • Person A delivers a mundane line. Something like, “Weather guy is saying it’s gonna get hot today”
    • Person B responds with a strong emotion. “FUCK YEAH! I LOVE SWEATING!”
      • Remember the core emotions: Sad, Happy, Mad, Afraid
  • 2nd exercise – The same exercise, but with a pause
    • We then did the same exercise again, but we were given the instruction to pause before reacting to person A’s line.
    • This was so we could take time to respond in a way that feels more natural. Also, adding a slight hesitation can make the scene funnier!

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