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Week Three: “Active Listening & Mirroring”

  • Active ListeningListening is undeniably important in improv. We want to be open and receptive to our scene partner and not in our heads about what should come next. Let what your scene partner says affect you. 
  • Mirroring – In improv we want to be on the same page with one another and mirroring is a great tool in which to do so. As you saw in the exercise where you had to mimic each other’s movements and speech in unison, this allowed you to exist in a space where you created together and were connected. 
  • Initiations – You can initiate a scene by using emotions, space work, dialogue and blocking or a combination of them and by using A to C thinking with the suggestion. Whatever you are comfortable with. 

Additional Notes

  • Don’t worry about trying to be funny in scenes. Focus on your scene partner and what’s going on in the scene. The funny will come on its own.
  • Play with big emotions, have a reaction to what your scene partner says! Care about what’s going on.
  • Specificity crushes ambiguity. Be specific with your details and what you’re trying to convey to your scene partner. 
  • Play it serious! Yall have great ideas and are hilarious and though it can be hard, try and stay in the scene and in character. Stick with it! Yalls scenes are great!
  • Don’t forget your choice! Or as rachel says “don’t drop your sh*t!” If you’ve come up with a great character choice or idea, don’t forget to keep playing with it! These are great ideas you all are coming up with!
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