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Week 4 Copy Copy


Have a point of view fueled by emotion. Why do I care about ____? What’s my history with ____? Use physical characteristics to stand out. Exaggerate, but don’t punch down.

Warm-up – NAP! (name, adjective, profession) Fun, easy way to warm up with characters. Name = style, voice; adjective = personality; profession = passion

Yearbook Photo – use pose to inspire character! Interact with each other’s characters for more depth and history.

Weird Newscasters – heighten character traits throughout game! Use context of game within your character’s reports (e.g. traffic reporter scared of heights is in helicopter)

Dating Game – give clear, but not obvious, clues to guesser. Have your character’s entire identity/personality be whatever the suggestion is. Interact with each other when it feels right, and stay in character when it’s not your turn. Dater can have their own personality with fun questions!

Musical Games! Two rules: timing over content, and fail big. Try to keep rhythm no matter what so that we don’t lose momentum (even if it doesn’t rhyme/make sense). Leave your ego at the door once again- we only win when we serve the show best, which might mean “losing” a game.

Beastie Rap – da dada da dada dada da. Quickly think of rhyming words and ways to form fill-in-the-blank sentences around them. Support other performers by filling in their blanks if you can.

Irish Drinking Song – Step 1 is to learn the pattern (despite all of my efforts to mess it up). 1st and 3rd position are story builders, 2nd should try to create an easy rhyme, 4th should try really hard to rhyme or be funny. Repeat 2x, then shift over one person 2x, shift over one person 2x, and finally shift over one person for a last 2x.

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