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Week One: Peas in Pod & Voice of Reason

Attendees: Emily, Mike, Will, Lupe, Spencer, Hollis (SA)

-Review of Code of Conduct and Student Expectations

What is Level 2 Improv?

Goals for class:

  • Discover ways to find and play “the game”
  • Create strategies for heightening scenes
  • Different ways to edit scenes
  • Getting all team members on the same page

Peas in a Pod and Voice of Reason:

Pea: Mindless but unified. Shenanigans and plot matter less than shared attitude. Can stem from physical or emotional traits.

Voice: Audience representation. Presents a counterpoint to the peas. Finds justification in “crazy”.

Tips/Things to Consider:

  • Where do you trend? Are you a pea or a voice?
  • How can a scene play out when the characters present are peas in a pod vs one pea and a voice of reason?
  • The voice of reason can act from an “in universe” place to keep the scene moving forward
  • There is always a decision point within a scene after the voice enters, connected to how scenes can heighten (more to come).
  • Discovery: a support character for the peas who don’t match their behavior but feed it.


  • Whoosh, Bang, Pow
  • Sound Garden
  • Pass the Face
  • Matching Crazies
  • NAP (Name, Adjective, Profession)

Awesome moments:

  • “Everything I learned about cows I learned from the internet”
  • Squirmy biologist
  • Demented cereal box designer
  • “Felicia! Let him! He’s in love!”
  • “I’m just a girl, Merriam Webster, growing up in the south.”
  • “Oh I just love my animals, they are all wonderful, and they are all on SALE.”
  • Big P Energy
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