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Week 1 Copy Copy

Punch up or sideways, never punch down!

During this class term

  • You can go to any show for free with you student ID (as long as the show isn’t sold out)
  • You need to attend 1 show and 1 jam
    o Jams are Wednesday night at 9 and Sunday at 4
    o Once a month there is a short-form jam (keep an eye on social media)


  • What are you doing (example on youtube)
    o One person does a thing, the other person asks “what are you doing?” you respond with
    something other than what your action is. The asker then adopts that suggestion and
    does that action.
  • Interpreter
    o Two people seated doing an interview. One person stands behind interviewee and acts
    out what they are saying.
  • Slide Show
    o Two people sitting discussing a “slide show” two others (out of sight of seated pair) get
    into a position. Presenters have to make sense of what the actors are doing and relate it
    to their presentation
  • Playground diss
    o Two teams. Middle people go out of the room and other decide 2 adjectives and a noun
    to use as a “playground diss.” The two come back in and have to guess words based on
    their team acting it out.
  • Living Scenery (Who’s line example)
    o Two people are doing a scene and use two others as props.
    ▪ Props had to adjust quickly
    ▪ Actors had to announce what their props were (this is helpful even without
    people as props)
  • Slowmo Olympics (Who’s line example)
    o Two people seated being commentators, two people acting out a “sport” in slow
    ▪ The slower the better
    ▪ Super fun to give the “athletes” a personality
    ▪ Gifts from players and commentators

▪ Trust each other

  • Touch to talk
    o Three people do a scene but you can only speak if you are touching someone.
    ▪ Forces you to pay attention to your physicality
    ▪ Really funny when people intentionally stop touching someone when they are in
    the middle of saying something.

One good thing

  • Fun! (yay)
  • Helpful for long form scenes
  • Very good practice overall
  • Teaches you to think on your feet
  • Physicality gets you out of your head
  • Fun change of pace
  • We felt very comfortable very quickly
  • New group dynamics (yay!)
  • Fun finding people’s style
  • Out of comfort zone
  • Challenging but fun
  • Thanks for showing up!
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