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Week 5 Copy Copy

We Jammed!

  • Super fun to get on stage
  • College Ruled
  • Great experience
    o A date with me
    o 2 way dub
    ▪ Remember to mouth the words if you are being dubbed
    ▪ Have dubbers face dub-es
    o Conducted story
    ▪ We want more weird hand signs pls

Our grad show is May 14 th at 3pm
Different types of audiences

  • Raunchy
  • Shy couples
  • Kids
    How to handle bad suggestions
  • Clarify
  • Ask for a new word
  • Ignore it
  • Host should handle the audience
    If an audience member is on stage, make them shine!

Dr. Know-it-all

  • One word at a time to answer a question (group game)
  • One word at a time answers but with weird arms (lined up one behind another)
  • Two people play scene and ask “pillar” for words to fill in blanks
    Pen Pals
  • Like pillars except you use the audience for suggestions and you are writing letters to each other
    Slips or “Blind Line”
  • Scene players leave the room
  • Host gets lines to write on slips of paper
  • Players return and have to use the slips as lines in their scene
  • Go back and forth with slips
  • End scene on the last slip
    A day in the life
  • Interview an audience member
  • Cast members ask out a day in their life
  • Make sure to punch up or sideways when playing the person (especially if they are a difference
    gender, race, etc than you are)
  • Be ready for anything
  • Make them the star
  • Cater your performance to what audience you have
    Good Things
  • Playing the pill popper
  • Slips is fun
  • Pillars fun!
  • Ladies and gentleman, this is mambo #5
  • Lots of fun games
  • Mini show at the beginning
  • Slips
  • Love audience participation
  • Day in the life of Dane
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