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Week 2 Copy Copy Copy

General Info
During this class term

  • You can go to any show for free with you student ID (as long as the show isn’t sold out)
  • You need to attend 1 show and 1 jam
    o Jams are Wednesday night at 9 and Sunday at 4
    o Once a month there is a short-form jam (keep an eye on social media)

Dane’s phone number 941-685-1164

One Liners and Fast Thinking
Word Play
● Your life history
● Neurons in your mind
● This will differ between people bc we all have different life experiences
● Creating the joke
o Ex. Paper
▪ Paper Mache (French)
▪ Toilet paper
▪ College ruled

● Making the joke
● Delivery
● How you do it
● Punch line


● 185 suggestion walk into a bar. The bartender says we don’t serve suggestion here. Suggestion
says Punchline!
o Use each others suggestions as source material (ex. Acute triggering angles)
o Comedy sports uses this one
o Everyone is on one team (yay!)

A Date with Me
● A date with me is like suggestion, it’s punchline
o Less of puns with this one, just fun
o This one can be dirty, but can also stay clean

I like my lovers….
● I like my lovers like I like my suggestion
o Goofy
o Dirty
o Fun
Last Action Joke
● Super campy line after an action
● Required to be dumb
● There is no template for this one, just be goofy
● CSI version
o Used the crime scene and Horatio glasses as the setup

Fast Thinking
● Keep your mind clear as much as possible
● Instinctual
● Impulsive
● Follow your gut!

Conducted Story
● Host conducts with hand gestures
● One person talks at a time until the host moves to the next person
● Must be present (cannot hold onto your funny ideas)
● Dig into the struggle
● Great for kids
● Everyone names something in the category until they are out
● Many of us played this in the pool as children
New Choice
● Scene based game where the host or audience member says “new choice” and you have to
change the last thing said/done
● Rule of threes
● Sometimes it’s a change of dialogue, sometimes change of action
● Learn the hosts rhythm
Final Thoughts
● Fun (yay)
● More fun than physicality was last week
● Cheap and easy

  1. Love class
  2. Enjoyed class
  3. Forklift
  4. Boys are back
  5. Good energy
  6. Challenged brain
  7. Love the fast thinking
  8. Not as intimidating as expected
  9. Protractor time
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