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Week 6 Copy

May 14 th at 3 pm

  • Show attire
    o No logos or graphics
    o Full length pants
    o Close toed shoes
    o Men- collared shirt
    o Women- no dresses or skirts


  • Wacky news story from Dane
  • We come up with punny headline
  • Project the line game
  • Audience member in chair says “hey waiter, there’s _ in my soup.”
  • Players come up with goofy one liner response
    Celebrity questions
  • Make celeb name into a question
  • E.g. “I caught 7 fish, how many did Britney Spear?”
  • 4 improv scenes rotate
  • We want action
  • Justification isn’t necessary
    Questions only
  • 2 person scene w/ only questions
    Puppet master
  • 2 person scene but other people move your limbs
  • Can take cues from puppets or puppeteers
  • Similar to puppet master except “controllers” are on the side
  • So dumb, we love it
    Inner Monologue
  • 2 person scene w/side supporters
  • Side supporters do the inner monologue
  • Bigger conflict between words and thoughts is funny
  • 3 to 4 people
  • Criminal is guessing
  • Crime is usually a pet peeve
  • Second is location
  • Third is accomplice
  • Britney Spear
  • Avoiding the engagement
  • Four square
  • Avatar auction scene
  • Dane thinks we’re good
  • Aquarium scene
  • Today was fun
  • Interrogation was funny
  • Appreciate adaptibility
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