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Week Eight: ” Review”

Review – This week was primarily a review on the things that we have covered in this class and getting a few runs in to practice for your showcase. I will leave you with a couple of additional notes for you to think on and use. It had been a pleasure getting to see you all grow into the performers you are today! Thank you for being so awesome! See y’all Thursday. Y’all are going to do great!

Additional Notes

  • Get that Who, What, Where at the top of the scene.
  • Be thorough and concise with your objectwork!
  • Remember to check in with your partner/eye contact
  • Take a beat, and really listen to what your partner just said. You don’t have to always fill the space with dialogue.
  • The more detailed you are on something, the better!
  • Remember to focus on that relationship. Who are you to each other? Why does this matter?
  • Remember not to put you back to the audience.
  • You can always give endoments to yourself and your scene partner.
  • Remember to project your voice in the theater.
  • Like Each Other! Respect Each Other! Have Fun!
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