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Week Five: Objectwork/Spacework

Concepts We Learned

  • Objectwork/Spacework – is the practice of creating and using objects or environments within our scene. When we use this skill we want to use it with intent, it should add to the scene and relationship but it shouldn’t be the main focal point, relationship always comes first. Also, we want to avoid talking about what action we are doing and focus on the relationship. Remember, “Show Don’t Tell”.
  • Endowments/gifts – With endowments or ‘gifts” you can add context to your scene by establishing detailed traits or characteristics about your scene partner or world and vice versa! This gives you and your scene partner more to draw upon and work with!

Additional Notes

  • Remember to do your object work toward the audience/fourth wall and not turned around so the audience can see and hear you clearly.
  • Have an emotional reaction to what your partner tells you. Make every line they give you personal to you!
  • Hold on to specifics. When doing objectwork, really concentrate on what youre doing and how you are holding something. You take note from how you do this in actual life.The more specific and accurate, the better!
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